Bot 1010 exam 3 genetics 1

Link to Course Descriptions for the Charles E. The degrees awarded are Bachelor of Arts B. The Bachelor of Arts programs are offered in the liberal arts tradition. They permit greater elective breadth with less specialization than the Bachelor of Science programs.

Bot 1010 exam 3 genetics 1

Spring Semester 8 — 9: The purpose of this course is to introduce non-major students to the world of plants, including their scientific and cultural importance. We accomplish this through lectures emphasizing plant structure and evolution, plant diversity, plants and the environment, and global issues involving plants.

The lecture is paralleled by closely related laboratory and field exercises that provide hands-on experiences with plants, including gardening and the identification of plants in the local environment.

This course has the following learning goals: This course meets the Core Curriculum Natural Sciences requirement when taken with the lab. Grades will be based on 3 exams either 3 hour exams, or 2 hour exams and the cumulative final exam plus in-class activities.

The in-class activities will include quizzes, as well as student response activities using i-clickers. Attendance is mandatory and you must attend class to get credit for the in-class portion of the grade.

General Studies (A.A.)

Data from other courses has shown that participation as indicated by i-clicker response and grades are positively correlated! The grading scale is: Lectures and labs are coordinated so that material covered in lecture is seen in lab, though not always simultaneously.

The lab syllabus can be found at http: You are expected to be on time to class, and to stay the full period. You are expected to maintain high standards of academic honesty. Any student found in violation of these standards will earn an automatic F and be reported to the Deans Office, no exceptions made.

Plant Biology, 2nd ed. This book will provide background reading for all topics covered in class. We will use this book to make things diabolically exciting and for homework and extra credit activities.

Wayside Trees of Tropical Florida: This book will help you to learn and identify many common plants, and enhance your enjoyment of plants and your local environment.

Introductory Botany Schedule of events The course website can be found in Blackboard Learn on FIU e-campus; please check in regularly for course news, activities, lecture notes, and exam study guides.BOT Exam 3 Genetics 1 Essay BOTC Botany Exam III Take Home Cell Cycles, Genetics, DNA, Protein Synthesis Chapters Instructions: This take home exam is .

If the final exam is not taken, one full letter grade will be deducted from the student’s calculated percentage grade. B. Laboratory Expectations: Approximately 1/3 of course grade. BIOL - A SURVEY OF LIFE free online testbank with past exams and old test at Auburn (AU).

Bio Final Exam (Durbak), Biology - Dr. Durbak, Exam 4 (Mizzou), Biology Mizzou - Exam 1, Biology durbak exam 3, Durbak Biology Exam 2. Study Biology Exam 3 Flashcards at ProProfs - Questions and answers for a few hard to remember points.

Bot 1010 exam 3 genetics 1

FUNDAMENTALS OF BOTANY I BOT Class Hours: Credit Hours: Lab Hours: Date Revised: Spring 3 Roots, Stems & Secondary Growth 4 Exam; Leaves 5 Food & Reproduction 6 Flowers & Chemistry 7 Exam; Energy 8 Photosynthesis & Respiration 9 Sugar & Mendelian Genetics.

10 Biotechnology & DNA 11 Evolution & Classification 12 Exam.

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