Common workplace problems and their sol

In many cases you can — you just have to know the right way to go about doing it. Talking about work issues at work can get messy if not done correctly.

Common workplace problems and their sol

How to make the most of a job you hate Dealing with such crises can often lead to feelings of stress and anxiety and can also impact job performance and the quality of relationships among employees, a study by the University of Toronto found. That type of long-term stress can put anyone at high risk of depressiondigestive problems, headaches, heart diseasesleep problems, weight gain and can impair your memory and concentration, the Mayo Clinic says.

So to help lessen the stress, Marsha Forde, director of human resources at Workopolisand Sheryl Boswell, director of marking at Monster. Overloaded, overworked and close to burnout First, determine if you really are being overloaded with work, Forde says, and have a clear understanding of what your duties are.

Feeling connected to others is a great way to reduce stress and burnout. You accidentally sent a scathing e-mail to your boss that was meant for a co-worker. If you try to hide the problem it could make matters worse and breakdown a bit of the trust.

Admitting your mistakes is a far more honourable and courageous act than trying to cover it up. And humility can go a long way. This is quite common in the workplace, Boswell and Forde say, but there are steps employees can take to better the situation.

And considering this is a very serious issue, Forde says to not hesitate to go to your manager or HR department right away. So if this is an issue, this ties back into going to your manager to discuss your duties. Boswell suggests employees refrain from panicking.

If it helps you feel better, develop a plan should you be laid off in the future. This will help you feel more confident about what you will do if certain scenarios occur. Allow yourself to grieve the loss, she says. It will help you to move forward.

Common workplace problems and their sol

Next, be honest about your workload. Usually, remaining employees are given more work to make up for the people who have left so be honest with your employer and let them know your concerns.Preserve your rights against debt collectors to make sure you’re being treated fairly.

If you’ve been contacted by a collection agency, don’t be afraid, feel ashamed, or become nervous. A reader writes: We have a fridge at work. Up to this point, nothing I had in it was stolen (I am quite new, and others have told me that this was a problem).

Common workplace problems and their sol

People spend nearly one-third of their adult lives at work, which causes workplace issues to become common source of stress for many. It is impossible to have a workplace where everyone's roles. 10 Most Common Problems in the Workplace.

Category sponsor: Premium links: And how to fix them. The manager should ask the employee to share their perspectives on each subject first.

And, the manager should first focus on performance strengths before addressing areas that need improvement.

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(June ). 5 common workplace crises and how to deal with them noticing colleagues doing the same to manage their mental health following workplace through five of some of the most common workplace.

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