Desert strom photo essay

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Desert strom photo essay

Strata Some of the most outstanding features of the Grand Canyon are Desert strom photo essay layers of sedimentary rock called strata that have been exposed by the erosion event that carved this immense canyon system.

Layers of sedimentary rocks hundreds of feet thick blanket the world, and can be traced across entire continents and even correlated with layers on other continents. By comparing the sequence of layers from various areas, the cross section of strata known as the geological column was developed.

The strata seen in the photo at right were formed during the flood of Noah via hydrologic sorting. Due to continuous recent erosion, we are now able to see the layers formed during the flood. Tilted, deeply buried strata the "Grand Canyon Supergroup" show evidence of catastrophic-marine sedimentation and tectonics associated with the formation of an ocean basin midway through Creation Week, and may include ocean deposits from the post-Creation, but pre-Flood world.

The Canyon's characteristic horizontally stratified layers the "Paleozoic Strata" are up to 4, feet thick [1, metres] and are understood to be broad sedimentary deposits in northern Arizona dating from the early part of Noah's Flood. Remnants of strata overlying the rim of Grand Canyon the "Mesozoic Strata" are associated with a widespread erosion surface.

For many years creation scientists have taught that the Grand Canyon was formed rapidly when a large lake on the northern border of the Colorado Plateau broke through its natural dam.

In contrast, secular science has taught that the Colorado river eroded the canyon gradually over millions of years based on the uniformitarian assumptions.

However, researchers have recently determined that the Grand Canyon is a geologic infant in comparison to previous estimates, and it has been concluded that indeed much of the canyon was eroded rapidly as a result of dam failure.

Geological Survey has revealed that "Geomorphic change in Grand Canyon is largely catastrophic in nature, especially on a decadal time scale, and changes to debris fans resulting from debris flows are usually obvious. This implies that at one time the Kaibab Plateau was beneath at least 60m of water.

Desert strom photo essay

Its importance for creationary studies is the evidence it provides for high discharge rates in its formation that correlates well with postulated late Flood conditions. Post-Flood lakes on the Colorado plateau may have breached to cause episodes of high discharge water.

Some have suggested the hypothetical "Lake Flagstaff" in Utah which may have deposited the "Pink Cliffs" Formation Wasatch Formationas an example of lake formation. Others critique the idea of a lake on the Colorado Plateau in the past. Shiva Temple Shiva Temple is a butte or mesa about one mile long 1.

Its top is about the same altitude as the North Rim, but is separated by a saddle that descends more than a thousand feet to the level of desert plants. Shiva Temple is of interest to creationists because inHarold Anthony of the American Museum of Natural History led an expedition to Shiva Temple to show that it had been separated from the rim of the canyon so long that its animals had developed new evolutionary distinctions.

He concluded that there was not enough evidence to support the hypothesis, and decided the top of Shiva Temple was not as isolated as he had thought. John Meyer and George Howe studied the mammals on Shiva Temple in [10]and noted that there are some mammals who live in the ponderosa pine forests both on the North Rim and on Shiva Temple who don't live on the saddle between the two.

This would seem to be evidence of the isolation of Shiva Temple at least for some species of small animals. The Brush Mouse Peromyscus boyliithe Bushytailed Wood Rat Neotoma cinereaand the Canyon Mouse Peromyscus crinitus are found both on Shiva and on the North Rim but not on the saddle between the two which has a desert type of plant life.

Meyer and Howe point out that for at least some small mammals, there is evidence of isolation, but no evidence of evolutionary differences showing up.

They point out that short term isolation of the animals points to a recent formation of the canyon, while long term isolation points to a failure in evolutionary processes that should occur in an isolated population.

This suggests that the Colorado Plateau was formed several thousand years ago, and not hundreds of million of years ago. In Julythe American Civil Liberties Union submitted a letter expressing their concern over plaques containing passages of Scripture.

Following the complaints, the signs were removed by the Grand Canyon Park Superintendent Joe Alston to avoid controversy. The Deputy Director also wrote a letter to the Sisterhood, apologizing.

Creationist Book Other complaints were brought to light over a photo essay book Grand Canyon: Several creation scientists contributed information to the book, which offers the creationist perspective that the Grand Canyon is not millions of years old. On December 16,presidents of seven scientific organizations sent a letter urging the park service to remove the book, stating that it was not a work of science, but of religious belief, and that its presence in the shop could be interpreted as endorsement.

If not removed, the letter suggested, it should at least be separated from other scientific books. According to Vail's attorney, Gary McCaleb, public record requests revealed that the letter was actually edited by employees within the park service itself.

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