Greed as the cause of the downfall of huey p long and father coughlin

The word demagogue, originally meaning a leader of the common people, was first coined in ancient Greece with no negative connotation, but eventually came to mean a troublesome kind of leader who occasionally arose in Athenian democracy.

At one time the westward traveler was a refugee from the ruins of a burned out civilization. At another, he was a daring pioneer determined to escape the injustice of an economic slavery.

Into the face of the setting sun he either drove his ox-cart or steered his crude boat-always hoping for better days.

Greed as the cause of the downfall of huey p long and father coughlin

Two thousand, five thousand, twenty thousand years, perhaps, were consumed since the firms Scythian Celt left his native: In the evolution of the United States of America from a land inhabited by hardy pioneers, with its vast forets and unpopulated plains, into the throbbing, pulsing patchwork of modern civilization, there is a romance which by far surpasses both in glory and in achievement the unbelievable expansion of the Scythian immigrant who played such a mighty part in the development of Asia Minor, of Northern Africa and of Europe.

Many hundreds of years were required for this slow-moving, ponderous progress to reach the peak-point of its maturity. COUGHLIN Marathon fame-these were the only means of distribution and of communication which were found in a civilization that had wedded itself to the economic doArines of the past.

In contrast how quickly have we developed! One hundred and fifty short years ago the moose and the deer were still beating pathways through the virgin forests. Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore were then humble towns, over whose dirt Street-ways and cobble-paved avenues there slowly moved boxes and bales of merchandise desined for the hold of an English merchantman; detined eventually for the fadtories abroad.

Beyond the Appalachian Mountains, as one crossed the valleys and topped the peaks of either the White or the Green or the Catskill ranges; beyond Albany, snug little settlement that it was, breathing securely at the upper reaches of the Hudson; far beyond the sites of modern Syracuse and Rochester, the daring traveler paused at the veritable outpost of civilization.

Those who ktill dwelt in the erudite surroundings of the comparatively peaceful east believed that Buffalo was within earshot of the rumblings of Niagara and not too far distant from the canyons of Colorado. At any rate, as one trekked west from the Hudson River, it was certain that he must encounter an uncharted wilderness.

An occasional traveler told of Detroit, which since lived amidst the grandeur of the French traditions established by Antoine Laumet de la Mothe Cadillac.

Pittsburgh, too, was only in a state of conception in the year as from the flag staff of Fort Duquesne the French tricolor waved in the breezes that were wafted along the Monongahela River. Not until had St. Louis been settled as a fur trading post by Pierre LaClede Liguest, a representative of the French crown.

Cleveland, so the east was told, was little more than a prosperous trading post as early as The year chronicled the foundation of the city of Cincinnati, when John Filson and John Cleves Symmes organized its first simple municipal government.

Des Moines dates its origin from Kansas City, Davenport and Waterloo are almost contemporaneous in their birth-all called into being by Congressional legislation which opened the Western lands in the fight for free soil. What a transformation has been achieved during the short span of one hundred and fifty intervening years!

Almost yeSterday the Weft was the homeland of nomad Indians and wandering denizens of the plain. Today, where pines and hemlocks formerly waved, now Stately cities Stand, throbbing to the hum of the dynamo, moving to the tempo of the pulsing motor. The pathway of the moose has become the Steel-clad highway of the iron horse.

The sites of lonely cabins have changed like magic into the seats of Stately universities. The crude altars upon which Hennepin, Marquette and the companions of LaSalle offered up sacrifice to the Living God have grown into beauteous cathedrals of imperishable renown.

The history of this development indeed is brief. The construction of the Erie Canal was the first attempt to join the wilderness of the Weft to the growing splendor of the East-Buffalo to Albany! Buffalo to New York!

The firSt spadeful of earth for the bed of the Erie Canal was dug with ceremonious celebration in the year In this process of excavation was completed.

Patrick Coughlin, the great-grandfather of Charles Edward Coughlin, Irish immigrant that he was, shined many a shovel and dulled many a pick at this herculean task of building a waterway from the EaSt to the West. His son, Daniel Coughlin, the grandfather of the priest, lies buried today in the Lackawanna graveyard hard by the Shrine of our Lady of Perpetual Help.

These cities already mentioned are cities today which are outlets for the voice now known to millions of Americans. Coughlin, Stands in retrospect today as he visualizes in name every city and town from the Rockies to the Atlantic, from St.

Paul to the Gulf, which are woven together more closely than mere neighbors by the magic thread of radio, which, though unseen, permits his voice instantaneously to be carried through the uncharted highways of the air until his name has become a household word throughout this land. This is but another proof that history is Stranger than fition.

The Story of Herodotus, the fairy tales of Aesop or the travels of Gulliver are dwarfed when compared to the realities which have been chronicled in America in less than three generations.analysis of greed in mcteague essay examples from trust writing service EliteEssayWriters™.

Get more persuasive, argumentative analysis of greed in mcteague essay samples and other research papers after sing up. Huey P. Long began his live in the Deep South in the state of Louisiana. Surrounded by conservatism and what used to be the confederate states, he was raised in a small secluded town which didn’t quite fit in.

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This town was very progressive, and an outsider would probably consider is to be. Modern demagogues include Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Huey Long, Father Coughlin, and Joseph McCarthy, all of whom built mass followings the same way that Cleon did: by exciting the passions of the mob against the moderate, thoughtful customs of the aristocratic elites of their times.

The beauty of America is that, in one place, you can have the city prosecutor making a similar argument for the Long Leg of the Law as defense attorneys made on behalf of felony battery suspects in another.

Father Charles Coughlin gained popular support with his radio broadcasts in which he. What actions made Huey P. Long, the governor of Louisiana in the s, a nationally known political figure? The real motivation for U.S.

Greed as the cause of the downfall of huey p long and father coughlin

involvement in World War I was the greed of American munitions makers, bankers, and financiers. He writes about the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the birth of the Lost Cause; the backlash against immigrants in the First World War and the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan in the s; the fight for women’s rights; the demagoguery of Huey Long and Father Coughlin and the isolationist work of America First in the years before World War II.

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