Is abortion murder or a life saver

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Is abortion murder or a life saver

Why do people do it? Is it killing a human life? What are the benefits for having an abortion? Should it be made illegal? These questions I will try and answer on the key issue right now on abortion.

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I will tell you my side and how I fell, and hope that after this you would agree with my opinion. Abortion is the killing of a child before the birth.

They usually take a needle and put it into the mother's womb, and kill it. Although that is not the only way to do it.

There are other ways also of killing a child. There is an abortion called have abortion. It comes out of the womb half way, and then they kill it. To me that is just sick. I think that it is in humane to kill a live child. Just think, it is alive. It needs oxygen to breath. It needs food to live.

And if you don't take care of the baby, it wouldn't come out. Like if you do drugs or alcohol, it will ruin the child. There is one exception that I would have is if the girl got raped.

Even though I still wouldn't approve of it, I think there should be an exception. I think that if the woman had any brains, that she would want to have the loving child.

Is abortion murder or a life saver

Just think you come home from work one day, and all of the sudden your kid gives you a great big hug. And after a long days work, wouldn't anybody want some love from a child. Yeah when they are little they scream, and kick, but they also give love, and affection, and can be the cutest thing.

And if you abort, you won't get that will you? Some people also just want to make amends for what they have done. Maybe they have screwed up in their life and don't want their parents to know.

Or maybe they just aren't ready for a kid.ABORTION Biomedical Ethics PHIL EC Sunday April 16th, WINTER "An abortion is the deliberate killing of a human such, it is a you kill an unborn child, you rob it of its whole future ashio-midori.comore it is never morally permissible and it should be illegal.".

So, is abortion murder? The answer is certainly yes. Abortion is the willful and unjustified killing of an unborn child. Regardless if abortion is legal by human government, it is a violation of the universal moral law of God, which supersedes man’s law.

Yes, abortion is murder. Abortion is murder because life begins at conception. A pregnant mother's freedom of choice over her body should not prevent her child from having a chance of life.

If a woman does not want to keep her baby, she should put her baby . Even in some of these cases abortion is not okay because adoption is always available if you cannot handle a child. Everyone has their own opinions and mine is that I’m “Pro-Choice”.

Meaning that I’m not fully against abortion, but I’m not fully for it. I believe that it’s your own decision what happens to [ ]. Question: "Is abortion murder?" Answer: If the fetus is just a mass of impersonal tissue or something less than human, ending its life would not face the same ethical challenge and would not be considered murder.

So, is a fetus a human? Or is it something else? On the other hand, the medical procedure of abortion to end the life of a child is deliberate (on purpose).

Is the fetus a human being? This is also an important part of the discussion, since the fetus would have to be human if killing it were to be considered murder.

Is abortion murder?