Marian college of baliuag

The ground floor serves as the mock hotel, College of Hospitality Management and Tourism CHMTand the second floor is the gymnasium which can seat 2, or more people.

Marian college of baliuag

Marian college of baliuag

History[ edit ] Fr. The frayle further stated that the Convent was a repository of priceless parish records which dated to the founding of Baliuag as a pueblo or parrochia by the OSA or Augustinians in But the first convent was erected at Barangay Sta.

Diez served as the longest cura parroco of Baliuag fromhaving built the church and convent from to The first baptism in Baliuag Church was ordered by Fr. Feliz Trillo, Provincial of the Province on June 7, while Baliuag was founded and began its de jure existence on May 26, The pueblo or town was created in the provincial Chapter on May 15,with the appointment of Fr.

The present structure the third church to be rebuilt, due to considerable damage during the Luzon earthquakes was later rebuilt by Father Esteban Diaz using mortar and stone.

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The Belfry was also completed by Father Matias Novoa but the July 19, quake damaged the same which was later repaired by Father Thomas Gresa.

The massive quake also damaged the Baliuag Church. Mary's College of Baliuag as classroom. First Municipio[ edit ] Baliuag had 30 curates — Esteban Diez Hidalgo and Fr. Fausto Lopez served 40 and 24 years, respectively.

Lopez had 6 children with a beautiful native, Mariquita: Spanish cura parroco, Fr. Ysidoro Prada served in Baliuag during the last decade of Spaniard regime.

The Philippine-American civil and military authorities supervised the first municipal elections, having chosen Baliuag as the site of the first Philippine elections of May 7, Augustine Church after the Holy Mass, and thereafter the officials were selected based on the qualifications for voters set by the Americans.

In the History of the Philippines —the Maura Lawthe title of Gobernadorcillo became "capitan municipal" and that of each juez to teniente.

From Baliuag's independence from Quingua, now Plaridel, Bulacan to49 served as capitan, 13 alcalde and 92 as Gobernadorcillo. Felix de Lara and Agustin de Castro were the 1st alcalde and Gobernadorcillo, respectively. Municipal President Fernando Enrile, inhonored some of these officials, even naming some of Baliuag calles in their honor, later.

But all these political officials remained under the thumbs and the habito, of the autocratic Augustinian friars, the Baliuag Kura Parokos. The local government of Baliuag used as first Municipio under the American regime History of the Philippines — the Mariano Yoyongko Gobernadorcillo in Principalia in Poblacion now a part of the market sitewhich it bought from Yoyongko.

It is now the Baliuag Museum and Library. Baliuag produced not less than 30 priests, including 3 during the Spanish-Dominican, and 2 Jesuits during the American regimes. Tengco and Amy R.

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Tengco wife of Lito S. Tengcophilanthropists, owners of Baliwag Transit and other chains of business establishments had been conferred the Papal Orders of Chivalry October 3, Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice and the Dame of the Order of St.

Marian college of baliuag

Gregory the Great awards. His most common names are Naning the Plaza Naning in Baliwag being named after his nickname ; Kalipulako, named after the Cebuano hero Lapu-Lapu ; and Tagibalang or Tigbalang Tikbalanga supernatural being in Filipino folklore.Information about Marian College of Baliuag Supreme Student Council, Baliuag.

Feb 08,  · Enroll now at Marian College and avail % discount to first enrollees Facilities and Activities of College Department :). Baliuag University Main Campus. Domingo Santiago Sr. Building Accounting Office Admissions & Marketing Services Office Baliuag University Chronicle Office.

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