Ocean culture sandboard essay

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Ocean culture sandboard essay

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So I have just updated all my photos still waiting on being sent some for Fiji and I have managed to find myself a little job in the meantime I started my trip up north off by getting the bus to Whangarei pronounced Fan-Ga-Ray. Now, I must point out something first and that is that most of the towns in New Zealand have Maori names.

Having only heard of the likes of Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington this was a surprise to me, so be prepared too as this blog is going to be littered with these sort of place names!

Im going to put how to pronounce them in brackets, unless it's obvious, mainly so that I remember! Whangarei wasnt that great, its a small town with nothing much there. I ended staying up by the falls after the hostel in town was full The next day I walked from the falls into town, about 6km, carrying my backpack and all my gear - an energetic start to what would turn out to be a tiring day!

I had been told by several people that hitch-hiking was relatively easy and fairly safe as there is a big hitch hiking culture in NZ given the huge number of travellers here - and I think this culture sums up Kiwi friendliness and hospitality My experiences were just as I had been told, hitching a lift was very easy with usually no more than minutes wait, only more in more remote places, and great fun as well!

It's a great way to meet new people and everyone always has a good story or tip to pass on! Paihia is the gateway to the Bay of Islands - a group of small islands which you can take day tours around and go on dolphin Ocean culture sandboard essay tours etc However there was none of this during my time there as it was a bit of a wash out!

Arriving in a light rain, I decided to take a little cycle around hostel had free bikes so I headed towards Mount Bledisloe which offers panoramic views of the Bay. However, I stopped at the small town and now museum of Waitangi Why-tangi - where the treaty of Waitangi was signed between the Maori chiefs and the British inand New Zealand as we know it was born.

I wasnt that impressed with the museum, there was very little there, the best part being the audio visual presentation at the end. Also they rightly celebrate the signing of the treaty it was a peaceful treaty but ignore many of the wars Russell Another beautiful day in the Bay as we arrive at Russell port!

Luckily I had been to the Auckland Museum first, so I knew there was more to the issue than the Waitangi museum offers - but I guess they did have nice views over the Bay though!

Further along the road, after struggling up some steep climbs on my bike I got to the view point up on Mount Bledisloe for some great views of the Bay - but as it was getting late and I had no lights on my bike I couldnt stay for long.

On the way back down the hill I stopped at Haruru Falls, very small but still nice, where I bumped into a tour called the Magic Bus runs all over NZ who were shocked that I was out cycling in the rain!

I kept telling people that this wasnt real rain, it was just drizzle and that they should come to Scotland to see real rain - I think my words would come back to haunt me later!

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So after a day of hiking with my gear in the morning and Flooding Looks like this shop wont be opening in a little while! The Saltwater Hostel, where I was staying in Paihia, was a really nice hostel with a good bar which was jumping! It was supposed to be Karoake night but that wasnt happening.

I joined a group from the hostel out celebrating a birthday - for English guy called Henry - and us signing happy birthday was the only Karaoke going on in the bar!

The next day was still quite wet, but ferries to Russell were still running.

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Russell is an old, historic town across the Bay. It is very small and there isnt much there We were told to go and see the 'famous cannon' which turned out to be a tiny little cannon facing the mainland!

We saw 'Christ Church' - the oldest church in NZ But once again it was the audio visual in the visitor centre that was the best part, with a show about nature preservation in NZ - and also exhibits on the 'evil' possum which they inherited from Australia and there are around 70 million of eating up all the plants in NZ!

So it was Doubtless Bay A short walk along from Mangonui, looking back at the Bay a quiet day, back at the hostel we relaxed and watched some movies.

Ocean culture sandboard essay

At night I went to meet up with two English travellers - Jules and Harriet - who I had been out with on Paddys night in Auckland and randomly bumped into in Paihia. After some wine and wizard, we hit the bar where there actually was karaoke! There was a group from California on holiday who I chatted with and who were hogging the karaoke I did manage to get in though, signing Kenny Rodgers - The Gambler great tune - one constantly played on my road trip in the US Oh and for the second night in a row then they played Proclaimers Miles no, I didnt ask!

A fun night, as most karaoke is The next day was rainy still - but it was starting to get heavier. Planning on hitching up north, I was lucky enough to be offered a lift for part of the way from two Irish girls - Claire and Emma - in my room - they are just coming to the end of their 6 month trip.

The girls wanted to see some of Headless Homer Homer minus his head on top of Rangikapiti Pa overlooking Coopers Beach the Kaura trees up north, but the day was to turn out to be a wash out - literally!

With it now bucketing down, we came across some flooded road a bit up north and decided to turn back the girls didnt want to get stranded up northSandboarding Backler's Beach - Ocean Culture Sandboards 'The Sand Archives' - Duration: 5 minutes, 10 seconds.

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