Pest analysis on british telecom

Most of us have heard of the SWOT analysis Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that is helpful in determining if a business or product will be viable. For example, say the project at hand is to determine if a new feature on an existing product would be a good or bad thing.

Pest analysis on british telecom

Porter's Analysis of Telecoms Industry. This analysis technique was developed by Albert Humphrey who led a convention at Stanford University in s. The main objective of the technique is the study the Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats and improve the state of the Organisation by: Using or Capitalizing on the strengths.

Recognize and improve on weakness. Work around the threats either to avoid them or turn them into advantages Strengths and Weakness can be analysed in terms of an organisations Resources, Core Competencies, Performance and Portfolio.

These factors are used in goal and objective setting, identifying areas of improvement, defining Strategies. Following is the explanation on SWOT. It is the set of analysis done in order to define the strategy and direction in which the Organisation is heading.

This is the reason for existence of any Organisation. It is an instruction stating what business the organisation is in and what it is intending to achieve. These are short term or long term goals set to fulfil the mission set for an Organisation.

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It is the step by step approach taken to achieve short term and long term goals. These are immediate actionable items that will help set the path for strategic implementation. It is very important to select the right strategies to fulfil the set objectives.

For example if an organisation is in business of successfully selling a product or service that is diminishing with time and is being taken over by another product that the Organisation is not offering very soon the organisation will be out of business if it does not adapt a strategy of offering new products or innovating existing products.

Also appropriate tactics need to be used to help set the strategic direction of the Organisation. If one of the Organisations strategies is to use integrated IT systems to help support the business processes and B2B interactions. It first needs to analyse existing and new business processes to automate, stop creation of disparate systems and apply tactical measures to create a converged form of information gathering so that implementing new IT systems is done within estimated time and effort.

If you have understood these terms in relation to an Organisation you will realise that Missions drive Objectives drives Strategies drives Tactics and none exists independently. Utimately, in the ever changing business environment one key element of MOST should be change management i.

Pest analysis on british telecom

What is Resource Analysis? Resource analysis helps identify the strengths and weakness of an Organisation. Resources fall into following main categories: Financial - Available funds and capacity to raise funds for new ventures.

Physical - Available infrastructure, suppliers, assets, IT systems etc and ability to raise new if required. Intangible - Brand recognition, Reputation, Goodwill are the main factors.Oct 29,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Pestel Analysis Of British Telecom Uk to help you write your own Essay.

In the same year, Huawei also won a contract with British Telecom for its 21 st century network strategy which included manufacture, supply and install for multi-service access network and transmission equipment (LightReading, ). The SWOT analysis report of British Telecom presents the internal analysis and external analysis of the Company with insightful details of the current market position and future growth strategy of UK's most popular telecom player.

Pest analysis on british telecom

Oct 29,  · Free Essays on Pestel Analysis Of British Telecom Uk. Search. pestel analysis. Pest Analysis Telstra Essays and Term Papers Search Results for 'pest analysis telstra' The Pest Analysis For Pc Market In Uk will lead easier access into the market for UK firms.

Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Delete Cancel. The British Telecom was first introduced in the year by the official name of Post Office Telecommunications. Initially it was state owned corporation, which was privatized in the year by selling % share to the public.