Poverty in mexico

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Mexico has managed to produce It is quite obvious to me why we did not pay attention to this news article. We have become accustomed to remaining immobile before so much poverty.

Poverty in mexico

In La Cuesta, families are scattered between 80 homes that are built on rocky ground with no available infrastructure. La Cuesta is classed by the authorities as irregular, falling as it does outside of planned urban development.

Its growth and that of slums like it is due to the fact that low-income families cannot afford the prices that are being asked in the official property market.

There is a permanent and accumulative housing crisis Housing Institute for Mexico City The houses in La Cuesta are built by the families themselves.

Poverty in mexico

In the first room, which has been fashioned from planks and covered with painted white cardboard, there is a table with a couple of chairs and some basic household appliances. In the corner, there is a bed and some curtains that are tied back but drawn at nighttime to afford some privacy.

In the other room, there are two beds, also separated by curtains, shared by the two sisters, their husbands and children.

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Around 34 million Mexicans live more than two to a room in houses built from poor materials such as cardboard and reeds, according to a report from the Center of Investigation and Documentation of Housing and the Federal Mortgage Society published in Despite the fact that the Mexican constitution incorporated a clause more than 30 years ago stipulating the right of each citizen to a decent home, property continues to be viewed as a commodity.

Her home consists of two rooms in a narrow alley in the Miguel Hidalgo district of Mexico City. Once just planks, the walls are now made of brick. The dirt floor has been covered by cement through a federal government program.

The roof is made from asbestos and scraps of tarpaulin left over from electoral campaigns. Juana carries out her daily chores in two rooms measuring 12 m2 with her husband, three children and two grandchildren. This is where they eat and watch TV and sleep.

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At night they all pile into one room where there is one double bed and a bunk. He used to work as a chauffeur and now he does small jobs with mechanics and blacksmithing.

Poverty in mexico

What they moved in to was a room built from waste in a gloomy alley, which they shared with the rest of the family. Then came children and debt and the dream of living independently faded. But with time, electricity and tarmac arrived. Just three kilometers away is Polanco, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city furnished with foreign embassies and designer shops.

Mexico’s persistent housing crisis has pushed millions to find refuge in tiny shanty homes

Miguel Hidalgo is one of the areas with the highest human development index in the country, according to the UN. The problems fueling the crisis are manifold. Besides, the cost of almost all property in the capital is high and there is little in the way of social housing.

Loans available to low income families are usually outside the capital, given that housing is less expensive in nearby states. The consequences A large number of people living in small spaces can led to academic failure, child abuse, stress, tension and depression.

The lack of room also fosters illness and mental health disorders.Top Facts about Poverty in Mexico Around half of the population lives in poverty; about 10 percent of people live in extreme poverty.

The number of people in poverty has mainly been increasing since , when percent of people were below the national poverty line. Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America. The World Bank Group engagement with the country is structured around a model that provides development solutions adapted to the country, with an integral package of financial, knowledge and convening services.

And Mexico has indeed become the 2nd biggest exporter to the US after China, but still poverty in Mexico thrives on drug wars, corruption and quasi-institutional inequalities so that only the rich get richer (sorry for the cliché).

In fact the urban upper middle class has also been better than ever. A tight spot for the 34 million Mexicans living in micro-apartments Mexico’s persistent housing crisis has pushed millions to find refuge in tiny shanty homes Compartir en Facebook Compartir en.

Third, it's not a study exclusively about the middle class, it's a study of all the social classes in Mexico who aditionally adresses the poverty and explains how poverty is defined and measured in Mexico, to not include information about how the poverty is defined on Mexico on an article titled "poverty in Mexico" is beyond bizarre and plain.

Although efforts have been made to attack poverty, the root of the problem is the way economic centers are structured, within the urban areas that revolve, in countries such as ours, around the manufacturing and raw goods sectors, although in Mexico the States of greatest poverty are important producers, the low wages and little or none public.

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