Review of funny in farsi by firoozeh dumas

Both of our books had been published fairly recently, but I had not yet read The Kite Runner. I did, however, remember his name. I was rooting for him without ever having read a word.

Review of funny in farsi by firoozeh dumas

Funny in Farsi: A Book Review – My Freedom of Mind

Now she again mines her rich Persian heritage in Laughing Without an Accent, sharing stories both tender and humorous on being a citizen of the world, on her well-meaning family, and on amusing cultural conundrums, all told with insights into the universality of the human condition.

It may have to do with brushing and flossing daily.

Review of funny in farsi by firoozeh dumas

With dry wit and a bold spirit, Dumas puts her own unique mark on the themes of family, community, and tradition.

She braves the uncommon palate of her French-born husband and learns the nuances of having her book translated for Persian audiences the censors edit out all references to ham.

And along the way, she reconciles her beloved Iranian customs with her Western ideals. Droll, moving, and relevant, Laughing Without an Accent shows how our differences can unite us—and provides indelible proof that Firoozeh Dumas is a humorist of the highest order.

Firoozeh Dumas exudes undeniable charm [as she] reveals a zeal for culture—both new and old—and the enduring bonds of a family filled with outsize personalities.It’s only November, but it’s time to look ahead to next year’s book club!

“There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” ~Virginia Woolf My own writing frequently reflects this. I also love reading about different cultures and religions.

Like this year, we’ll be discussing each month’s book in our closed Facebook’re welcome to join us for one month or all twelve. In a series of deftly drawn scenes, Funny in Farsi chronicles the American journey of Dumas's wonderfully engaging family: her engineer father, a sweetly quixotic dreamer who first sought riches on Bowling for Dollars and in Las Vegas; her elegant mother, who never fully mastered English (or cared to); her uncle, who combated the effects of.

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Funny In Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America by Firoozeh Dumas Narrator: Firoozeh Dumas Published by Audible Studios, Random House Trade Paperbacks on 24 March Length: 5 hours, 44 minutes Source: Purchased through Audible Goodreads.

Thoughts: This summer I took a class called Cross-Cultural Education. As part of this class, we were assigned small group literature circles. "Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America," by Firoozeh Dumas, begins with 7-year old Firoozeh and her family moving from Abadan, Iran to the strange new land of Whittier, California.

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Firoozeh Dumas was born in Abadan, Iran and, in the ’s, moved to Southern California with her family. She later attended UC Berkeley where she met and married a Frenchman. Her two memoirs are Funny in Farsi and Laughing without an Accent. Dumas (Funny in Farsi) sets her first middle grade novel in the late s and early s, focusing on the Iranian Revolution and the days American hostages were held in the U.S.

Review of funny in farsi by firoozeh dumas

Embassy in Tehran.5/5(3).

Funny in Farsi : Firoozeh Dumas :