Runaway jury

One of the better Grisham-adaptations Warning: Spoilers 'Runaway Jury' is one of the best movies based on a John Grisham novel.

Runaway jury

Plot Edit In New Orleansa failed day trader at a stock brokerage firm shows up at the office and opens fire on his former colleagues, then kills himself. Among the dead is Jacob Wood. During jury selection, jury consultant Rankin Fitch and his team communicate background information on each of the jurors to lead defense attorney Durwood Cable in the courtroom through electronic surveillance.

In the jury pool, Nick Easter tries to get himself excused from jury duty. Judge Frederick Harkin decides to give Nick a lesson in civic duty and Fitch tells Cable that the judge has now given them no choice, and that he must select Nick as a juror.

Runaway jury

A woman named Marlee makes an offer to Fitch and Rohr: Rohr dismisses the offer, assuming it to be a tactic by Fitch to obtain a mistrial. Fitch asks for proof that she can deliver, though, which Nick provides.

Nick shows the judge surveillance footage of his apartment being searched, and the judge orders the jury sequestered.

Runaway jury

Fitch then goes after three jurors with blackmail, leading one, Rikki Coleman, to attempt suicide. Rohr loses a key witness due to harassment, and after confronting Fitch, decides that he cannot win the case. On principle, Rohr changes his mind and refuses to pay.

Fitch agrees to pay Marlee to be certain of the verdict. The town sued the gun manufacturer and Fitch helped the defense win the case. Nick receives confirmation of receipt of payment and he steers the jury in favor of the plaintiff, much to the chagrin of Herrera, who launches into a rant against the plaintiff, which undermines his support.Watch Runaway Jury, Runaway Jury Full free movie Online HD.

Wendell Rohr is a torts lawyer taking on the gun lobby. Rankin Fitch is the jury consultant for the Defendants and between them the battle is for the Runaway Jury was written when Grisham was at his best, back when he wrote books like A Time to Kill, the Pelican Brief & The Client.

This was an excellent book (made into a /5(). Find great deals on eBay for the runaway jury. Shop with confidence. The Runaway Jury December 7, Every jury has a leader, and the verdict belongs to him.

In Biloxi, Mississippi, a landmark tobacco trial with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake beginsroutinely, then swerves mysteriously off course. Watch the full length movie Runaway Jury online. Sign up for a Verizon Fios account and get access to thousands of movies & TV shows and watch On Demand.

Feb 27,  · Runaway Jury Official Trailer #1 - Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman Movie () A juror on the inside and a woman on the outside manipulate a court trial involv.

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