Southwest airlines organizational culture essay

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Southwest airlines organizational culture essay

What is the research evidence? We need to ensure that this greatest influence is optimised to have powerful and sensationally positive effects, but they must be exceptional effects.

His conclusion is unequivocal! Everyone, almost, agrees that teachers are the key element in the education of children in school.

Southwest airlines organizational culture essay the McKinsey reports [2] observe, the only way to improve student outcomes is to improve the quality of classroom teaching across an entire system. The best-performing systems around the world go to great lengths to ensure that all their teachers are well qualified and well prepared in the subjects they teach and have access to high-quality, ongoing professional learning opportunities.

Last, in achieving excellence the focus is on peer-based learning, system-wide interaction, innovation and experimentation. Several essays explore effective teaching and summarise some of the most important research on effective teaching and highlight some case studies. In this first one I deal with a very important meta-analysis of education outcomes; a subsequent one will summarise a particularly interesting study of what goes on in the classroom.

What does the effective teacher do that makes the most difference and what other factors might be relevant? A few decades ago, the simplest received explanation was that teachers who were content experts were most likely to do the best job.

Knowledge of superior teaching instruction is vital and that is not simply a matter of more experience. Cooperation between teachers is also very important.

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Schools and classrooms are complex, dynamic environments, and identifying the effects of these varied factors, and how they influence and relate with each other — for different types of students and different types of learning — has Southwest airlines organizational culture essay, and continues to be, a major focus of educational research.

Other reports make the same point. Again, this is true of recruitment generally, something that is very commonly ignored. Professor John Hattie, recently of Auckland University and now Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute in the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, is renowned for his detailed survey of hundreds of research papers on the what factors contribute to superior outcomes for the student.

His meta-analysis studies reveal that after what the child brings to the school experience — what he or she has learned in the first few years of life — the teacher contributes more than any other factor to student achievement. But it is the expert teacher, not simply the experienced teacher, who makes the great difference!

And it is certain things that the teacher does. Effective instruction and certain components of feedback, dialogue between the teacher and the student, contribute substantially.

Exemplary teaching means challenging interaction between teacher and student together with formative evaluation, that is use of frequent feedback to improve performance against already determined and high standards and previous performance. That is what those reports, inquiries and studies which compare the education systems and practices of various countries make clear.

And the better education systems and practices are most likely found where teachers are respected within the community. This first essay on the subject of best teaching deals mainly with these studies and their conclusions. The relationship of class size to student achievement is a frequently mentioned issue in debate about education.

One study in particular carefully reviews the evidence for that. Some Initial Observations The studies of teaching and learning and what makes them effective is vast, especially in the US.

The focus in teacher training now is much more on pedagogy, on the nature of the teaching process. There are a number of recent reports which consider practices in many countries.

The considerable research tells us that the quality of the instruction makes the difference and more than that, that it is the interaction between the teacher and student, most especially the feedback the student gets, which is essential. Effective teachers also provide a challenging curriculum, not one brought to the level which it is thought all students might easily manage.

As in most organisations, cooperation between teachers makes a significant difference as each one helps others.

Southwest airlines organizational culture essay

And two other things matter, the respect people in the community give the teacher — indeed the relationships between the school and the parent community particularly — and the leadership provided by the principal of the school. Whilst there is an understandable demand for some kind of indicator of achievement, mere performance by school students remembering what it is they learned and being able to apply that to answering questions in a test hardly resembles living a life or working in an organisation.

An alternative way of assessing best practice, for that is what we actually want to find out about, is to look at the processes which occur in the organisations that perform well according to whatever criteria we have chosen.

No set of measures are sufficient by themselves in the long run for the formulation of best practice. And in the case of schools we need to understand what it is that we actually want the student to do in later life as a result of whatever it is they have achieved at school.

Training and knowledge are important but not sufficient any more than are the social skills alone. We have reliable national and international tests from students in a large number of countries and information about schools and teachers.

The numerous reports make clear that better schooling means ensuring competent people are recruited to the teaching profession and that motivation to teach is of fundamental concern as is ongoing professional development and effective leadership by the principal and senior teachers in the school.

A focus on efficiency by, for instance, merging schools or classes defeats attempts to bring greater effectiveness to the task.

In these many ways a school resembles other organisations and the factors which contribute to an effective teaching profession are much the same as those that lead to an effective organisation in any enterprise.

Media has tended to focus on the trivia of conflict between the various players in the debates. Parents are portrayed as being concerned that the school their children are attending is probably not up to scratch but that if they had some performance indicators they would be able to make better decisions.Best Teaching Part 1: How teachers make a difference – John Hattie In his paper, ‘Teachers Make a Difference: What is the research evidence?’, Professor John Hattie said, “We should focus on the greatest source of variance that can make the difference – the teacher.

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Psalms Organizations are ready for their next evolutionary step: a step toward self-management, wholeness, and a new sense of purpose. 1: Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers.

For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. 2: Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

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