The comparison of automated and manual

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The comparison of automated and manual

Image Quality Dual ultrasound transducers in treatment probe provides superior 7. Nerve Detection Superior imaging allows precise visualization and localization of neurovascular bundles allowing improved nerve sparing.

No data available on preservation of erectile function with suboptimal visualization of 4. The Probe Positioned by the physician the probe is robotically controlled via extremely precise software.

Allows very accurate delivery of energy to tolerance of 0. Several probe heads needed to complete treatment. Each must be manually placed and manipulated.

The comparison of automated and manual

Prrotocal Options Three scientifically tested and optimal energy levels for de novo, radiation failure or HIFU retreatment conditions. Must vary energy based on visual clues to avoid periprostatic tissue injury.

Significant risk of rectal injury. Precision Variable lesion height in single probe allows energy to be delivered in pattern conformed to prostate anatomy Short focal length requires use of multiple probes to complete treatment.

Probe geometry poorly configures to prostate anatomy. Automatic disengagement of firing device if parameters are violated. Safety devices require constant operator attention to monitor limited safety parameters and adjust device energy output to prevent rectal injury fistula or injury to surrounding tissue.

For more information, view the Article:The comparison of automated urine analyzers with manual microscopic examination for urinalysis automated urine analyzers and manual urinalysis. Dec 28,  · A Comparison of the Performance and Application Differences Between Manual and Automated Patch-Clamp Techniques Xiao Yajuan, Liang Xin, and Li Zhiyuan * Key Laboratory of Regenerative Biology, Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou , China.

An automated sphygmomanometer, the BpTRU, was used in a blood pressure (BP) survey of 2, residents in the province of Ontario. Automated BP readings were compared with measurements taken by a mercury sphygmomanometer under standardized conditions in a random 10% sample.

Methods BP was recorded in. Proven to outperform and outlast every other screw and bolt drive system available today. Slotted. Tool misalignment is almost certain, which damages the drive bit and limits its life.

A viable cell count is essential to evaluate the kinetics of cell growth. Since the hemocytometer was first used for counting blood cells, several variants of the methodology have been developed towards reducing the time of analysis and improving accuracy through automation of both sample preparation and counting.

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