The effect of the spread of

Medieval demography Figures for the death toll vary widely by area and from source to source, and estimates are frequently revised as historical research brings new discoveries to light. Most scholars estimate that the Black Death killed between 75 and million people in the 14th century, at a time when the entire world population was still less than million. Europe[ edit ] Europe suffered an especially significant death toll from the plague.

The effect of the spread of

Slope affects the spread of fire in two ways: Cooler air to replace the warmer, less dense air comes from below. Consequently local winds usually blow up-slope during the day. Because of the local, up-slope winds, wildfires usually burn up-slope.

The steeper the slope, the more rapidly the fire will burn up-slope and more intensely.

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The reason is because of both greater radiant heat and greater convective heat. A fire will spread uphill because of the preheating of the fuel and the up-slope draft unless the general wind is strong enough to overcome these two forces. The flames are closer to the fuel on the uphill side and they receive more radiant heat.

This results in more preheating and faster igniting of the fuel. The heated air rises along the slope increasing the draft that further increases the rate of spread.

As a result of winds blowing up-slope, more convective heat also reaches the fuel in front of the fire and it is pre-heated more quickly to the ignition temperature.

When the slope becomes shaded, the surface loses heat rapidly and becomes cool. The air adjacent to the surface also cools and becomes more dense thus heavier and it will begin to flow down-slope. Down-slope winds usually are no stronger than 2 to 3 mph, whereas upslope winds can be as high as 5 to 10 mph.

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The steeper the slope and the longer it is, the stronger the wind. The change of air from upslope to downslope is usually gradual so the air may become calm for an hour or more during the change. Downslope winds begin as soon as slopes go into shadow Refer to "local winds".

If the fire is at the bottom of the slope, the entire slope to the ridge top lies in the path of the fire. Such fires will usually be larger because most are not controlled until they reach the top of the ridge.

Slope is not as important in the coastal areas when suppressing wildfires.

The effect of the spread of

Even a slight slope, however, can be an important factor in the use of prescribed fires. It compounds the smoke problem due to the down-slope winds at night.

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Even in areas that are considered "flat", residual smoke will drift toward and then down drainage. Neither does it spread out. Instead, it will concentrate in the lowest areas.The empirical formula is C 18 H 20 FN 3 O 4 · ½ H 2 O and the molecular weight is Levofloxacin is a light yellowish-white to yellow-white crystal or crystalline powder.

The molecule exists as a zwitterion at the pH conditions in the small intestine. There are both positive and negative effects of social media coverage of events.

The effect of the spread of

It can be used by authorities for effective disaster management or by malicious entities to spread rumors and fake news. The aim of this paper is to highlight the role of Twitter during Hurricane Sandy () to spread fake images about the disaster.


The Streisand effect is a phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the is an example of psychological reactance, wherein once people are aware that some information is being kept from them, their motivation to access and spread it is increased.

The spread of early Christianity in throughout the Roman empire was based on what it wasn’t rather than what it was. At the time Christianity began spreading through the Roman Empire, religion had fractured into the main Roman religion which was comprised of the Parthenon of Roman Gods and mystery cults.

(Reuters) - The Meghan Markle effect has spread to yellow gold jewelry, helping boost United States sales in the first quarter of with further gains expected, jewelers said. effect - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.

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