The saudi arabias ministry of labour research objectives

The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago provides recognition status of tertiary level institutions and programmes operating locally and internationally. Please visit their website for more information on recognition and accreditation — http: Media Workers - Media Workers are persons whose sole source of income is derived from media and media-related work and are qualified to enter this field. Sportspersons - Sportspersons, for the purpose of free movement of skills, are persons who are active in or qualified to enter a particular field of sports with the specific purpose of earning a living as a professional or semi-professional.

The saudi arabias ministry of labour research objectives

This article is adapted from his forthcoming book, Saudi Arabia on the Edge: On the broad highway that runs southeast from Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, it takes less than an hour to reach the beginning of farm country.

The industrial zones peter out, and suddenly date palms are growing on both sides of the road, not in the random patterns of an oasis but in the long straight rows of cultivated orchards.

Then the first chicken hatchery appears, and soon patches of green vegetables and alfalfa. The landscape is unmistakably desert and hardly looks promising for farming.

But agriculture is big business in Saudi Arabia, from Hail in the north to the valleys near Taif in the west to the terraced hillsides of the southwest, made possible mostly by decades of government subsidies and irrigation with water pumped out of caverns deep underground. That dependence is increasing as the young population continues to grow at a rate that outpaces production.

Facing a probable 77 percent growth in its population bySaudi Arabia is grappling with the realization that its barren soil and dwindling water supply will be insufficient to feed all those people. The Saudis were spooked by the global commodity crunch ofwhen India, their main supplier of rice, temporarily banned exports because of its own shortage, and the prices of corn and other grains spiked upward.

Imports fell fromtons in totons in In andfood-driven inflation imposed real hardship on the millions of Saudis who live below the official poverty line and became a political issue, to the extent that there are political issues in the kingdom. The government has abandoned its aggressive campaign for self-sufficiency, scrapped support for crops such as wheat and alfalfa that consume large amounts of water, and increased support for organic farming and vegetables for human consumption.

No longer does the government support easy access to its reserves of fossil water, the underground aquifers from a previous geologic age that delivered water to a thirsty earth. There is no replenishing spring or mountain runoff. In effect, the Saudis plan to explore for and produce food overseas the way American and other Western companies explored for oil in the Arabian peninsula.

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With its new policy, Saudi Arabia is attempting to strengthen its position in what seems certain to be a growing competition for food among the nations of the Middle East, including Iran and Iraq.

The potential for conflict will increase owing to rapid changes in parts of the greater Middle East and the spread of lethal capabilities.

The saudi arabias ministry of labour research objectives

One prominent Saudi businessman, Mohammed al-Amoudi, has already committed his Saudi Star Agricultural Development Company to invest in the cultivation of rice and other crops on 1. Media reports worldwide, circulated by a website called farmlandgrab.

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Because some of these countries are themselves dependent on food imports, any plans to grow crops for export there are extremely sensitive politically. We will help them to produce, for them and for us.

It is not just a land grab. We want it to be sustainable, to look at what the local people need.

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There should always be a clause that part of the output should go to local people if they need it. We are talking about buying from farmers, producing food.

You invest, buy from local farmers and produce there. This includes investment in infrastructure — irrigation, farm-to-market roads — and thus creates jobs. The idea is to participate in providing food for the world, not just Saudi Arabia.Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake from Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet (Link to Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet) Examples of Leading Activities of Private Companies in the Fields of Health, Labour, and Welfare.

The main objectives of the CSME are: Full use of labour (full employment) The Competent Authority for the CSME in Trinidad and Tobago is the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs. Such research would include but not be limited to immigration requirements, documents necessary for the Skills Certificate, which institutions function as.

Jun 01,  · Minimum Wage in Saudi Arabia. In reaction, the minister of labor came out with a new law stating that any Saudi working in the private sector under the minimum wage would not be counted in Nitaqat, and therefore the Saudi worker would not benefit a Cited by: 5. 19 Feb , am Comment: We Tories must not condemn ourselves to irrelevance like Labour, by driving out discontented MPs.

On March 22, , the Ministry of Labor and Social Services was divided into two, so that there are now 22 ministers with portfolio. King Salman assumed the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 3 Rabi’ al Thani H (January 23, ), on the death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. Served as member of the boards of the Council.

population of 29,, Saudi Arabia’s total and Saudi populations are among the fastest growing in the world: they both approximately doubled in the last two decades.

The saudi arabias ministry of labour research objectives

OUTWARD MIGRATION INWARD MIGRATION to lay off, and unwilling to engage in low-skilled tasks, while lacking the skills, training and, above all, labour productivity demanded.

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