The solutions to conflicts of the programs on a personal computer

Timeline of notable computer viruses and worms — period pre-antivirus days [ edit ] Although the roots of the computer virus date back as early aswhen the Hungarian scientist John von Neumann published the "Theory of self-reproducing automata", [3] the first known computer virus appeared in and was dubbed the " Creeper virus ". The first known that appeared "in the wild" was " Elk Cloner ", inwhich infected Apple II computers. From then, the number of viruses has grown exponentially.

The solutions to conflicts of the programs on a personal computer

The service logs any detected conflicts the moment they happen, so you can review the log to see which process or processes are causing problems. Event Viewer Press "Windows-W" to view the Settings screen and then enter "event" into the search box. Step Expand "Windows Logs" in the left pane and then click "Application.

Close the window and use a Web browser to visit the Microsoft Support site see link in Resources. Step Type "event ID [ ]" into the search bar replace "[ ]" with the appropriate event ID and then press "Enter" to search the database for possible solutions.

Step Right-click "msconfig" and then choose "Run as Administrator" from the context menu to launch System Configuration with administrative privileges.

Step Choose the first item on the Startup tab and then click "Disable" in the bottom right. Repeat this for all other items on the tab. Step Close the application and then reopen System Configuration. Check the first item on the Services tab to re-enable it and then click "OK.

If the program still works, repeat the above step for the next item on the Services tab. Do this for both the Services and Startup tabs until you locate which application or service is causing the problem.The 3 Most Common Solutions To Fix A Windows Computer That Is Always Freezing Up.

The solutions to conflicts of the programs on a personal computer

As you add and remove hardware and software, problems or conflicts can occur, and in some cases it can become very Read More by Tina; personal data and programs you already have on the system. Computer Concepts. Microsoft Office - Illustrated.

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STUDY. PLAY. Computer. prevents other computers on the internet from accessing a computer and prevents programs on a computer from accessing the internet without the computer user's permission Which of the following is a personal computer Supercomputer mainframe desktop all of the.

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Aug 09,  · Listen to the computer, if the hard drive is scratching or making loud noises, shut off the computer and have a professional diagnose the hard drive. Listen to the CPU fan, this comes on a high speed when the CPU is working hard, and can tell you when the computer is working beyond its K.

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