Thesis on greasy lake

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Thesis on greasy lake

They have to take that leap forward gradually, but as they do they will make mistakes along the way and have to learn from the bad ones.

Coraghessan Boyle is about three young men who have to break that barrier of reality in one horrible night by making mistake after mistake, only they have to learn from their mistakes quickly or they wont get out of their bad situation.

Thesis on greasy lake

The symbols are the key being lost, and the water itself signifies a rebirth. The themes that are seen in this story are that the point of view was told from an older person looking back at his younger years and that he would have to learn from the mistakes of the past.

The characters that have meanings to them are the main character and Bobby the bad guy. Three wanna be bad characters made their main mistake of the night by driving out to Greasy Lake, a place everyone went to hang out.

When the main character gets out of the car he drops the key to the car and there is a dramatic feeling that comes over him, Boyle really explains it well when the character explains how he feels at that moment. The first mistake, the one that opened the whole floodgate, was losing my grip on the keys.

In the excitement, leaping from the car with the gin in one hand and a roach clip in the other, I spilled them in the grass—-in the dark, rank, mysterious nighttime grass of Greasy Lake. I felt it like a jab of intuition, and I stopped there by the open door, peering vaguely into the night that puddled up round my feet.

He also explains how Boyle compares the loss of the keys in the dirty water and the dark night as being in the Vietnam War 3.

The character could have at least tried to find the keys, but instead he went to mess with the guy he thought was his friend in the car, they all got into a fight with this bad guy who gets out of the car.

Thesis on greasy lake

The main character hits the guy over the head with a tire iron and they all think he is dead. They all three attempt raping the bad characters girlfriend until a car pulls up,they run to the car until they remember the keys are still lost.

Then they are all on their own. The consequence the main character has to overcome is him running and hiding from the people who came upon him and his friends as they were raping the bad characters girlfriend.

The water and being baptized can mean being a new person in religious terms if you go to church it means your no longer with sin, so when he bumps into the dead body the meaning is for him to see death, and when he goes under water he comes up a new person reborn.

Although while in the water he overhears the bad character he thought he killed by hitting over the head with a tire iron; get up and threaten to come and find him and his friends, but instead the bad character Bobby demolishes his main characters mothers car.

The whole time the main haracter stays hiding in the disgusting waters of the Greasy Lake. The only way to learn from mistakes is to make them, and then learn from them. First he looses his car key, then gets kicked in the face, tries to rape a girl, runs into the dirty lake where he bumps into a dead corpse, but from the time he goes under the water he seems to come up a different person.

The two main characters that have symbolic meanings are the narrator and the bad guy Bobby. The narrator is looking back from his older, more mature age. Which he lives in this one night of mistakes and he experiences his own maturity toward adulthood. Masterplots II is saying that they have grown since the beginning of the night, become more mature.

This story has a lot of support of this as the narrator is constantly making mistake after mistake, so therefore he is being punished, then after he gets out of the water, he is like new, the sun comes up.

He finds the key he dropped, rejected the offer of drugs he is actually showing the responsibilities of an adult.

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The narrator is probably so confused at the end of the story, not knowing if he should be excited he is finally growing up or dreading what his mother will say when he arrives with her car totally demolished.Greasy Lake study guide contains a biography of T.C.

Boyle, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. About Greasy Lake Greasy Lake Summary. False Repentance, Perseverance and Lordship "salvation" These are the Big Three of theological errors in the modern day church.

(there are more). False Repentance, telling folks you must turn from sin to be saved or stay saved. Perseverance, the Calvinist idea that if you don't persevere until the end, you are not among the "chosen".

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