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His research focuses on the formation and evolution of planetary systems and the physics of accretion in protostellar and black hole environments. He earned a Ph.

Uni mainz singles

Int J Med Sci ; 12 2: Non-Hodgkin lymphomas are malignant neoplastic proliferations of the immune system that can manifest as nodal or extranodal lymphomas. The aim of this study was to retrospectively investigate the site of occurrence of lymphomas in the head and neck area and to analyze the typical symptoms of patients who presented at an oral and maxillofacial surgical department.

Uni mainz singles

All patient files from until from an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of a University were analyzed for the diagnosis non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Epidemiologic data and data regarding the localization of the malignant lymphoma were evaluated.

Uni mainz singles

With 22 patients each, the non-Hodgkin lymphoma was localized in either the soft tissues or osseous structures. In the remaining 18 cases, multiple structures were affected.

In 33 patients no accompanying nodal manifestation was noticed. In 33 cases the lymphoma was located in the oral cavity. Due to the unspecific symptoms, a histopathological verification of the diagnosis is crucial. How to cite this article:Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is one of the leading research universities in Germany, maintaining close ties with regional, national, and international partners in the scientific, cultural, and business sectors.

An analytic scheme is presented for the evaluation of first derivatives of the energy for a unitary group based spin-adapted coupled cluster (CC) theory, namely, the combinatoric open-shell CC (COSCC) approach within the singles and doubles approximation.

The so-called single-subject Bachelor's degree consists of one subject in which advanced knowledge is taught. One can choose to study specific specializations.


In the single-subject Bachelor's program, subjects from the natural sciences, economics, and music are primarily offered. This panel explores the views of European economists on vital public policy issues. It does this by polling them on important policy questions, by including a way for them to explain their answers briefly if they wish, and by disseminating these responses directly to the public in a simple format.

The question of whether early culture spread like an epidemic from a single, higher society, or whether, on the contrary, the making of culture was part of the fabric of every society regardless of its place on the social ‘evolutionary ladder’, provided the backdrop for a major split within anthropology in the s.

Magnon polariton spectroscopy – from ensembles to single magnon detection; Homepage Prof. Dr. Mathias Kläui. University of Mainz Institute of Physics Staudinger Weg 7 Mainz, GermanyOffice location: Building Room (secretary ) Curriculum Vitae.

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