Why do teenagers msmoke cigarettes

His research was published in the journal Pediatrics. Based on these findings, antismoking prevention for youth really needs to target the children of parents who smoked at any time in their life, as well as if siblings are smoking. The data is based on adults who have been surveyed regularly since beginning at age 14 in the Youth Development Study.

Why do teenagers msmoke cigarettes

There are many determinants of infant health, some of which are in our control, and thus can be influenced by public polieives, and others are out of our hands.

Maternal behavior is a significant determinant of infant health, and a determinant over which we exercise much control. Utilizing prenatal care and avoiding risky behaviors such as consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes are the possibly the most critical components of maternal behavior, aside from maternal nutrition.

Inthe U. Considering all of the well-established and widely acknowledged health risks of smoking, this statistic is surprising. Smoking has several serious health consequences regardless of whether the woman is pregnant, but becomes considerably more of a health risk when the woman is pregnant.

When a pregnant woman smokes, nicotine causes the flow of blood between the uterus and the placenta to slow. This reduced blood flow affects the level of oxygen available to the fetus, and results in fetal hypoxia, which slows fetal growth and reduces gestation.

While the first few months of pregnancy are seen as the most important for maternal behavior, the baby gains most of its weight in the final 20 weeks, so it is important for the mother not to smoke at all. It has been estimated that the raw harm of smoking is a reduction in birth weight by 4.

Without a doubt smoking while pregnant is a critical behavior that expectant women must avoid.

Why it helps

Smoking while pregnant leads to a variety of adverse consequences including placenta previa, placenta abrupta, ectopic pregnancy, low birth weight, miscarriage, preterm delivery, and SIDS. Infants born with a weight of less than g are subject to experience overwhelming health and developmental difficulties.

Low birth weight infants are at an increased risk for many diseases and problems including respiratory distress syndrome, intraventricular hemorrhage brain bleedspatent ductus arteriosus a lung problem that can lead to heart failurenecrotizing entercolitis a severe intestinal problemretinopathy, and several other serious medical conditions Atlases.

Low birth weight infants often require intensive care that is significantly more costly than the care for a infant over g. It also puts stress on the parents and requires them to spend more time in the hospital with the baby. Starting out in life with medical problems is not ideal, and affects the rest of the infant's life.

Health affects education both directly and indirectly, whether through lost schools days or developmental issues that affect cognition. Health also affects labor force participation, and if a person with a medical problem cannot perform certain jobs, or is always missing work for sick days or doctor appointments, this will lower their utility and their wages.

The connection between smoking and low birth weight has been long suspected and well established. The consistent findings of this distressing relationship between maternal smoking during pregnancy and low birth weight infants prove that more needs to be done in encouraging women to quit smoking while pregnant; either through an awareness campaign or cigarette taxes.

There have been several studies looking at the effect of taxes on smoking during pregnancies.

Why do teenagers msmoke cigarettes

Ted Joyce, Greg Colman, and Michael Grossman sought to determine if pregnant women were more sensitive to price changes, and if an increase on the tax of cigarettes would prove enough of a financial motive for them to quit. Pregnant women may be more sensitive to a change in price than non-pregnant women, and in that case a tax increase could encourage pregnant women to quit Joyce, et al.

A tax may be the financial motivation a woman needs, along with her motivation to care for the health of her unborn child, in order to quit. The price elasticity for women is approximately Using a data set from PRAMS, Joyce, Colman, and Grossman utilize a model in which they seek to determine the probability of a pregnant woman quitting smoking.Why Do Filipino Teenagers Get Addicted to K.

Uploaded by. Gretel Gretel. Words | 2 Pages Why Do Teenagers Msmoke Cigarettes leader because he stood up for the people of color, sacrificed his own life, and persisted to become the first black president.

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over art by!rancis "ogan. By Dr. Mercola. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 18 out of every U.S. adults aged 18 years or older ( percent) smoke cigarettes today. Cigarettes contain over 7, chemicals, some of which can cause cancer.

These include formaldehyde, benzene, • If You're Going to Do It. Why do teenagers take into smoking cigarettes?Do you think that smoking has a role to shape their personality? Give reason in your essay. Smoking cigarettes has become a vital part of many people’s lives. Some people are so addicted to smoking that they cannot pass a day without it.

Smoking cigarettes has become a habit to people of all ages; ranging from children and adults to very old people. Words | 2 Pages Why Do Teenagers Msmoke Cigarettes leader because he stood up for the people of color, sacrificed his own life, and persisted to become the first black president.

The first reason why South Africa began to go from apartheid to anti-apartheid came when Nelson Mandela stood up for the people of color. Study: Teens' smoking influenced by older siblings, parents' lifelong smoking habits and that number was higher than children of heavy smokers or those whose parents started smoking as teenagers but had quit or reduced their amount.

"Even though these rates are high, young teens are more likely to smoke if an older sibling does, or if they.

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